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We are very proud….

5th February 2019 | Uncategorised

…..of our new website.

So, welcome to our new website, what do you think of the place? As our guest your opinion matters as always, plus is kind of a big deal for us. Since 2001 we’ve been in the business of creating neighbourhood pubs and, because we’re a little bit purist about these things, all of our efforts have been on them. This is actually the first time we’ve created a place to showcase the whole lot together, plus it also gives us a chance to show you what we’re all about as an outfit, not just your favourite local pub.

That means showing more about our obsession with quality, our belief in the pub as not just a place to go for a pint or some lunch but as a centre of a community in its own right, with all the joys and responsibilities that that entails. Also it’s a place to tell you about all the great things we’ve got planned at each of our places and hopefully get you excited about them, us and what we can all do together.


These are exciting times and we’ve got a whole lot more planned, coming soon to a pub near you – so watch this space…

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